About Aldea’s Kitchen

We are Ashley & George Aldea, Billy Mendes, and Ellie Marino. We started this website as a huge passion project that soon grew out of proportion. Our family and friends have since joined us in writing Aldea’s Kitchen, a group of passionate home cooks and chefs that helps us prepare articles, test cooking products extensively in our kitchens, and bring it all together right here!

It is our goal to make this website into a large resource and home for tips, guides, recipes, top lists, and more.

Check out some of our new articles. Since Christmas is getting closer, you might want to get a nice cookie scoop and electric cookie press to be ready for the holiday season. Or perhaps you’d like to churn your own butter? We plan to have content for a wide range of things and we are working hard to make the necessary tests. The same is true for our lists of substitutions, such as psyllium husk powder alternatives. A grill griddle combo never goes amiss, and for cold drinks, a pellet ice maker is the best little helper.

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