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The beauty of 1 gallon water bottles is that they contain the amount of water you should drink every day. This means you don’t have to guess! Many of these bottles have markings on them to tell you how much water you should have consumed by what time each day. Super useful!

Grills and griddles are a lot of fun to use and satisfying in their own right, whether you use them indoors or outdoors. This is why we are reviewing the best grill griddle combos in all circumstances. Enjoy!

Carbon cookware is especially durable and high quality. We love cooking with it, and it is no secret that it also looks great. So we have taken it on to review the best carbon steel pans, woks, and skillets available this year. Check it out!

The 8 Electric Smokeless Indoor Grills

We love indoor BBQ grilling but it needs to be smokeless. There are a number of really good options for that, allowing you to grill comfortably even in the holiday season and gathering friends for a party year-round. We’ve reviewed the best ones!

The 7 Best Pellet Ice Maker Machines

A cold drink on a hot day is the best refreshment we can imagine, and for that you need a pellet ice maker. We’ve got you covered because on this page we are reviewing the best options on the market. Whether it’s pellet, pebble, or nugget ice cubes, you’ll find one that fits your needs in our top list.

The 7 Best Butter Churners

Making butter is not only healthier and great fun, it’s also a skill you want to develop as a home baker and cook! There is nothing like using your own herb butter on fresh bread or using to make your favorite cookies. As always, we have tested the best churners out there to use, so check it out!

The 8 Best Cast Iron Griddles and Pans

Iron cast cookware is amazing! It is robust and you can use it anywhere, even the outdoors. Griddles in particular are quite versatile, especially when they are reversible and can function as a grill or as a pan. We have identified the best griddles available, so check out this page to learn more!

Top 8 Best Cookie Scoops

Making cookies is part of so many celebrations, they are really something you’ll want to have down to a science. But you don’t need to be a professional to get outstanding results if you just use professional tools! Have a look at our review of the best cookie scoops out there!

Top 6 Best Cookie Presses

Whether it’s for Christmas, birthdays, parties, or movie night, cookies are always worth the effort! If you want to make them yourself, you need good ingredients and a couple of simple tools. One of that is certainly the cookie press you’re going to use! Since we always love making cookies, we are always testing new presses year-round. Check out our top list! 🙂

Manuka Honey VS Raw Honey

Honey is a great ingredient in a lot of areas, from baking all the way to an additive to plain yogurt. Manuka honey is particularly popular and has been for some time due to its exotic taste and benefits over the regular types of honeys we are used to in the west. What makes it so special and is it worth trying? Find out in our in-depth article!

Potato Starch Substitute

Alternatives to common or uncommon ingredients are a big topic of interest for most home cooks out there. Eventually, you’ll come across something you either don’t have or can’t eat, or maybe one of your guests has to avoid gluten. This is why we at Aldea Restaurant are always on the lookout for good alternatives! In this article, we are talking about potato starch and what you can use instead.

Psyllium Husk Powder Substitutes

If you like gluten-free dishes as much as we do, you may like psyllium husk powder. However, it is not always easy to get and has been more difficult lately. What a fine reason to check out which alternatives there are for this ingredient! Besides, it’s always good to know about substitutes and have some available. In fact, there are a lot of them!

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